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What Would Your First Day Look Like at Northwestern Medicine?

When you join Northwestern Medicine, you join a premier, integrated academic health system on a relentless quest to deliver better medicine and an excellent employee experience. That experience starts on Day 1.

Upon joining Northwestern Medicine, you will take part in the “Day 1 Experience,” which is a systemwide event hosted for all newly hired employees, rehired employees and physicians. It serves as the first impression of all that Northwestern Medicine is, explains Millisa Vasich, manager, Talent Development, who helps lead and manage the Day 1 Experience.

“People know how great Northwestern Medicine is for health care,” says Vasich. “With the Day 1 Experience, we mirror how the organization is great for its employees, too.”

The event is held in multiple locations across the health system. However, the structure for the Day 1 Experience at each site is largely the same, and notable portions of the experience may include:

  • Remarks from Howard Chrisman, MD, president and CEO of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare. Other executive leaders often also share their experiences.
  • Impactful patient stories. No matter your role, you play an integral part in our mission to deliver the best possible care to our patients, and we want you to see that from the first day.
  • An overview into communications methods. From the very start, you will learn where to get information and how to stay informed.
  • A breakdown of important programs from a Human Resources leader. You will learn, for example, about the NM Champion Network, which helps promote diversity, equity and inclusion within and outside of Northwestern Medicine.
  • A dive into values. Northwestern Medicine adheres to core values. You will learn how they shape the culture here and serve as the foundation for your work.
  • A meet-and-greet with organization leaders. Start your career at Northwestern Medicine off with an open networking session.

Following your Day 1 Experience, you will be continually supported by your manager and team through the First-Year Experience program. Together, these programs help inform, develop and engage you as you begin your new role or career at Northwestern Medicine.

“Starting a new job is always going to be intimidating, especially if you are coming from a smaller organization,” says Vasich. “With the Day 1 Experience, we introduce our new hires to the ongoing investment that Northwestern Medicine is putting in their career and their life.”

Are you interested in joining the pursuit of better medicine? Explore open opportunities now.