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The Northwestern Medicine Talent Acquisition team is excited to support and guide you on your journey to discover, apply for and, if aligned, interview for open employment opportunities at Northwestern Medicine. We use SmartRecruiters to receive, review and pursue all internal and external applications.

If you do not currently work for Northwestern Medicine:

  • Once on the career site at, search by keyword or location, or browse by category to start your search for current openings.
  • Use the filters on the left side of the page to further narrow your search.
  • Click on the title of a position that draws your interest.
  • Review the job description and details of the job.
  • If the opportunity sounds right for you, click the Apply Now button.
  • You will be taken to our vendor's site, SmartRecruiters, to complete the two-page application and attach your resume.
  • If you already have a SmartRecruiters account but can’t remember your password, click on the View my Applications tab and then select Reset Password.
  • Once you have provided all of the required information, click Submit.
  • If submitted properly, you will receive an email to confirm you have completed the application process.

If you currently work for Northwestern Medicine: 

  • Once on the career site at, click on the Employee Career Portal tab on the top of the page.
  • If applicable, click the round icon on the top right corner, and choose Switch to Employee Portal.
  • Search by keyword or use the filters on the left sidebar to start your search for current openings.
  • Review all openings, and click on the position that draws your interest.
  • Review the job posting in full and confirm that it fits what you are looking for.
  • If you are interested in applying to the position, click Apply.
  • Complete the two-page application form. Attach your resume.
  • Once you have completed all information, click Submit.
  • If submitted properly, you will receive an email to confirm you have completed the application process.

How to manage your applications:

  • Whether you are an external or internal applicant, after you apply for a position, you can manage and review where you are in the recruitment process through SmartRecruiters. Log in at to SmartRecruiters home page where you can view your applications.
  • Your application may show one of the following statuses:
    • New. Your application has been received and has not been reviewed yet.
    • In Review. Your application is under review by a Talent Acquisition professional. If they feel you might be a match for the role, they will contact you.
    • Interview. You are in the interview process with the hiring manager and/or hiring team.
    • Offer. An offer has or will be extended to you for the role.
    • Archive. This means that your application is no longer active. The role may have been filled, cancelled or placed on hold. We encourage you to browse and apply to our open, active roles at Working at Northwestern Medicine.

What to expect:

  • The application and screening process at Northwestern Medicine typically goes through five stages:
    • Application review. A Talent Acquisition professional will review your application.
    • Candidate outreach. If Talent Acquisition professional feels you might be a match for the role, they may call or email you to schedule an initial phone interview. Please keep a close eye on your voicemail and spam email folders for communication from SmartRecruiters. During this interview, they will:
      • Discuss the open opportunity
      • Ask about your professional experience
      • Share the expectations or responsibilities of the role in more detail
      • Answer your questions about the role
    • Interview. If the position still seems like a good fit, the Talent Acquisition professional may schedule a phone, video and/or on-site interview with the hiring team.
    • Offer. If the team wants to hire you, the Talent Acquisition professional will contact you and present an offer, including an outline of salary and benefits.
    • Onboarding. Once you sign the written offer, a dedicated onboarding specialist will email instructions on next steps.


  • Research Northwestern Medicine at
  • Ensure your online social media profiles are up-to-date and professional.
  • Review your resume for accuracy and update as needed.
  • Search for and read job postings to identify opportunities that align with your knowledge and skillset.
  • Ensure that you meet the required qualifications for the job.
  • Check the location of the position and confirm it will work for you.
  • Attach your current resume as a PDF or Microsoft Word document to your application(s).
  • Review email communications acknowledging submitted applications to be sure you understand the next steps.


  • Confirm who you will meet during the interview process.
  • Research behavioral-based interview questions so you are prepared to share detailed examples from your work history highlighting your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • To help you prepare for your interview, Click Here for information and tips about Behavioral Interviewing. Though not required to interview; it may be helpful in the interview process.
  • For Virtual Interviews:
    • You will receive a Microsoft Teams link prior to your interview.
    • If you're not familiar with Microsoft Teams, use this resource to help you learn how to use it.
    • Test any technology prior to your interview and resolve any issues in advance.
    • Dress profesionally and choose a neutral background in a quiet setting.
    • Click on the provided link to join the virtual interview for a few minutes before it is scheduled to start.
    • Be sure your camera and microphone are turned on and working.
  • For in-person interviews:
    • Dress professionally and plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.
    • Bring several copies of your resume.
    • You may also bring any copies of certifications, licenses and/or a portfolio you would like to share.
  • During the interview:
    • Ask thoughtful questions about the role, teams and organization.
    • Ask for the next steps and expected timeline.
  • Follow up with a thank-you email within 24 hours.


  • Once you sign your offer letter, you will receive two separate emails: one from our Onboarding Team with your onboarding task list, and another from a third-party vendor requesting your approval to initiate a background check.
  • Check your email and voicemail regularly for updates during the onboarding process, and submit all requested documents in a timely manner.
  • Keep in mind that onboarding tasks must be completed before your designated start date, and your start date is subject to change if all tasks are not completed.
  • Offers are contingent upon the following:
    • Validation of specific credentials, current licenses and certifications, as applicable
    • Successfully completing and passing a drug screen, physical assessment, criminal background check, and employment and education verification
    • Compliance with current immunization policies
    • Proof of eligibility to work in the United States

All Northwestern Medicine employees are categorized into a specific job status based on standard hours as determined by the position. This is also related to your Full Time Equivalency (FTE).

Full-time: 36 hours or more per week, or 0.9 to 1.0 FTE

Part-time: 20 to 35 hours per week, or 0.5 to 0.8 FTE

Casual: Less than 20 hours, or below 0.5 FTE

In-house registry: Hours per week may vary depending on department needs.

I’m having trouble completing my application. Can anyone help?

Contact the Recruitment team at

What do I need for the required criminal background check?

As a healthcare organization, we’re required by state law to complete a criminal background check on all of our newly hired team members. If you are offered a position with us, you will be required to complete an authorization and disclosure form that gives Northwestern Medicine permission to run the background check.

Be prepared to provide information on:

  • Pending criminal charges
  • Felony or misdemeanor convictions
  • Guilty pleas or findings for municipal ordinances or tribal court violations

Always be upfront and honest on your authorization form. While very few offenses will prevent your hire, failure to disclose any of them may result in a withdrawal of the offer of employment.

Will I need to take a physical?

A mandatory pre-placement health screening will include health history, vision testing, tuberculosis check and a check of your vaccination record. This health screening takes place at one of many Northwestern Medicine facilities after a contingent job offer is made.

Will I need to complete a drug screening?

Patient and team member safety is one of our top priorities at Northwestern Medicine, so every team member is given a drug test after a contingent offer is extended and before the team member is able to start work.

Does Northwestern Medicine require a COVID-19 vaccine?

No. Northwestern Medicine no longer requires COVID-19 vaccination for the workforce, but it is highly recommended.

Does Northwestern Medicine require a flu vaccine? 

Yes. Flu vaccination is an integral part of our wellness program, and Northwestern Medicine requires all team members to receive a flu vaccine at no cost to them. This helps to ensure that we are doing all we can to help protect our patients, visitors and colleagues.

Team members can apply for an exception if they have a medical condition or religious belief that advises them not to get the vaccine. The condition or belief must be nationally accepted and documented.