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Job Interviews: What to Expect at Northwestern Medicine

Applying for a new job can be stressful and time-consuming. At Northwestern Medicine, we strive to make applying for a role as easy and engaging as possible.  

“We make a conscious effort to both move quickly to respect the candidate’s time and to put in the work to ensure they’re in the right roles,” says Grace Motto, a Talent Acquisition professional at Northwestern Medicine. “There’s a lot of collaboration, and our team always works together to get the candidate in the best tailored role.”

Process and Approach

The typical process for interviewing at Northwestern Medicine includes:

  • Phone screening: A member of the Talent Acquisition team may call or email you to discuss an open opportunity, learn about your professional experience, and share the expectations or responsibilities of the role.
  • Interview: If the position seems like a match for you, we may schedule a phone, video and/or on-site interview with the hiring team.
  • Offer: If the team wants to hire you, the Talent Acquisition professional will contact you and present an offer, including an outline of salary and benefits.
  • Onboarding: If you accept the offer, a dedicated onboarding specialist will email specific instructions on next steps.

Individual recruiters and managers may have different styles, but the goal is always to review candidates as quickly as possible after they submit their application, Motto says.

“We look for how they present themselves, what they expect on compensation,” she explains. “We do a lot of checks and balances on everything from an HR standpoint.”

Advice and Best Practices

Clinical roles at Northwestern Medicine typically have more firm eligibility requirements because of the necessary certifications, trainings and hours required to deliver medical care. Nonclinical roles may offer a bit more flexibility, with recruiters more often looking for:

  • People skills
  • Transferable skillsets
  • Experience
  • Desire to learn 

No matter the role, though, Motto offers the following general guidelines for those looking to get hired at Northwestern Medicine:

  • When it comes to applying, be selective. Applications to several different roles might indicate that you are not sure what you want. You can explore multiple options as you research roles, but be sure to connect with your recruiter about what you want.
  • Know that the Talent Acquisition professionals are there to help you. Your recruiter may be working on another role that they find might be a better match for you than the role for which you applied. At the of the end of the day, we want to place you where you will succeed and be happy.
  • Do your research. Come prepared to discuss your experience and how you can transfer your skills to Northwestern Medicine. It is telling when a candidate is clearly focused on the role and engaged with their application.

If you complete the application and interview process, and accept an offer to join Northwestern Medicine, the Talent Acquisition team can continue be a resource for you.

“I’ve worked in several different departments in my time at Northwestern Medicine, and it took me a few different tries to find a role where I see myself in the long-term,” Motto says. “I love nothing more than retaining employees and having them feel valued and happy in their role. I love my job!”

Are you interested in a role at Northwestern Medicine? Explore for current openings that may interest you.