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Finding Her Way: Edibena Mussa Grows Her Career at Northwestern Medicine

When Edibena Mussa moved to the United States from Albania 12 years ago, she did not speak English and had no healthcare experience. In her seven years with Northwestern Medicine, she has progressed through several roles and is now an endoscopy technician at Northwestern Medicine Valley West Hospital.

“Seeing the dedicated care of our teams and the results of the patients has really helped bring about change for the better,” Mussa says. “I knew I wanted to be a part of this.”

At Northwestern Medicine, we encourage you to explore your career options and expand your experience through varying roles in our health system. Many of our team members find new opportunities on different teams or in different settings within health care. Mussa is a prime example of that experience.

New Opportunities

After joining the Environmental Services team at Valley West Hospital, Mussa set a goal to become more closely involved with patient care. Soon enough, she had the opportunity to join the Sterile Processing team.

It was there that Dawn Mathis, surgical supervisor, Operating Room at Valley West Hospital, became her supervisor. Mathis says she does not see Mussa slowing down anytime soon.

“She picked right up on sterile processing and learned how to do the corresponding documentation,” Mathis explains. “She has never given up and has never shown any sign of frustration. I cannot say enough about her hard work and determination.”

Ongoing Support

Mussa has found a supportive network at Northwestern Medicine. She is grateful for her mentors and team for helping lay the groundwork for her growth through the organization, especially now as she finds success and meaning in delivering skilled and effective care to patients undergoing endoscopy procedures.

Her advice to those starting in health care is to embrace teamwork and stay curious.

“The wonderful thing about health care is that there are so many roles, but each one is important, and we all make a team,” says Mussa. “Find what interest you have, and work toward your goal.”

Your Career, Your Choice

At Northwestern Medicine, you define your career path. We encourage professional growth and flexibility, and we empower our team members to try different careers that align with their strengths and passions.

No matter your interest, specialty or background, there is a spot for you to make a difference here.