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Employees Celebrate 45 Years at Northwestern Medicine

Six employees celebrated 45-year service anniversaries at Northwestern Medicine in fall 2023. Here, they reflect on significant moments of their careers.

  • Lionel Cooper

    Portrait of Lionel Cooper in Mail Services, wearing glasses and a gray jacket with Northwestern Medicine logo.

    Lionel Cooper, mail clerk at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, worked in Food Services, Environmental Services and Patient Escort before moving to Mail Services about 20 years ago.

    Cooper fondly remembers Princess Diana's visit to the hospital and celebrations across the hospital over the years, but his favorite part of working at Northwestern Medicine has been meeting so many people.

    "If you love your job and love the people you work with, it makes your job even better," Cooper says.

  • Cheryl Dann

    Portrait of Cheryl Dann, BSN, RN, CPAN posing with arms crossed in front of a hospital building.

    Cheryl Dann, BSN, RN, CPAN, a cardiac recovery and observation clinical nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, retired from her full-time role in May but still works twice a week — because she wants to.

    One of her most memorable experiences was working with the design team when Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women's Hospital was being built. She provided input specifically on the pre- and post-op areas.

    "I have met the most extraordinary people," she explains. "They have enriched my life immensely."

  • James Fulara

    Portrait of James Fulara in front of an MRI machine.

    In November 1978, James Fulara accepted a position in what is now known as the Neurointerventional Radiology Department. For the past 17 years, he has worked as a radiographer in Feinberg MRI at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. From treating professional athletes and politicians to attending his department's holiday parties and picnics, Fulara has had many memorable encounters with patients and colleagues.

    "I cherish the friendships I've built over the years," Fulara says. "I like saying 'hi' to people in the hallway and remembering all of our shared experiences. There are many people who have worked here as many years as I have, and the camaraderie makes work enjoyable."



  • Pat Kerem

    Portrait of   Pat Kerem, RN, leaning on a nurse's station.

    Pat Kerem, RN, a nurse with Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group Infectious Disease at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, says she has never doubted her career choice. 

    "My years at Northwestern Medicine have been tremendously rewarding on a personal and professional level," Kerem says. "From helping my own family at Central DuPage Hospital to watching my 'family' at Northwestern Medicine grow through the years, I am grateful to be part of this community," she says.

  • Sue Kugler

    Portrait of Sue Kugler, BSN, RN, in an office wearing a lavender lab coat.

    Sue Kugler, BSN, RN, nursing supervisor at Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital, has enjoyed many roles. In 2011, she was promoted to director of Patient Experience for Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Woodstock Hospital. She moved back into the inpatient area in her current role about 10 years ago.

    "I've enjoyed every part of my career. I love the people, and I love working in a place that serves my community," Kugler says.

  • Marianne Sheridan

    Portrait of Marianne Sheridan, RN, CNOR, in a surgery room wearing mint green scrubs and a blue hair covering.

    Marianne Sheridan, RN, CNOR, a nurse in General Surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, has enjoyed watching and contributing to clinical innovation over the years. For the past 30 years, she has been a member of the Surgical Services General Surgery team, and has been impressed to see how liver and kidney transplant capabilities have advanced.

    "I've seen so many things develop and get off the ground," says Sheridan. "It's really unbelievable."

    Sheridan says she values the close friendships she's built at Northwestern Medicine throughout the years, and is grateful to have celebrated so many milestones with her team members.