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Ariane Santoyo Grows Into Leadership at Northwestern Medicine

In mid-2010, Ariane Santoyo’s father became a patient at Northwestern Medicine. Thanks to the staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Ariane says, she and her family had four more years of life and memories with him.

“The experience and attention we received from the staff…it was more than we could ever repay,” she explains. “From that moment on, I swore my career to Northwestern Medicine. I wanted to make an impact in a way that could help others like the staff helped me and my family.”

Santoyo, who had wanted to work in health care since she was a child, joined Northwestern Medicine in September 2011. She has grown her career through various roles across Diagnostics, Cardiology and more.

Now serving as the risk manager for Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital, Santoyo credits two key factors for her growth into a leadership role:

  • Programming. Santoyo completed the Leading With Excellence Certificate Program, offered internally at Northwestern Medicine, which empowers aspiring leaders to enhance their leadership skills through a series of online and in-person learning components.
  • Mentorship. With great leaders and peers available everywhere, Santoyo explains, she has felt supported and believed in as she has pursued new opportunities.

One member of that support system, Tanja Styx, started at Northwestern Medicine in a similar capacity to Santoyo. Since then, they have grown alongside and learned from each other.

“Ariane is one of the best leaders I’ve ever been able to work with,” Styx says. “She’s made such a difference that, every time she has moved to a new role, people have been in tears just because of the impact she has left on them. She truly makes me want to be a better human.”

Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? See what opportunities await you at Northwestern Medicine.